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Extension Services

In today’s world, hair extensions are an accessory, something worn to make us feel confident and beautiful when we want and then put away until we are ready for them to come back out and play. 
Once a luxury only to the rich and famous, today’s techniques and options make
long, luscious locks a possibility for everyone, even those with short hair.

 For those who have struggled with fine hair or hair that simply does not grow past a certain point, hair extensions are often the answer you’ve been looking for! Our Hand-Crafted Beaded Row method is simply the best method around, with no glue, no damage, and simple maintenance. 

Most, who wear extensions, say they are easier to care for than their natural hair, but they can take a while to get used to. Our Extensionists are here to help educate you and to help you find a rhythm that works for you, in both washing and styling, to quickly get you to a point where you are spending less time thinking about your hair and more time enjoying it!

Hair extensions become a lifestyle. But they are an investment, in both time and money, which is why we highly recommend a complimentary consultation to discuss options that fit your life. We even offer group and one-on-one classes to teach you how to style your Hand-Crafted extensions in various ways! 

Check out the basics on our Hand-Crafted Beaded Row Extensions below and let us know if you have any questions or contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation. 

Custom Blend, Custom Color, Custom Fit
Our Hand-Crafted Way

 Everyone’s needs are different. Our Hand-Crafted method allows us to customize our extensions
to our client’s hair type, desired look and lifestyle. Each set of our professional grade, premium quality Remy hair is custom blended for precise color and custom fitted just for you. Each strand
of hair has been hand selected and has the cuticle laying in the proper direction to eliminate
tangles or frizz, and can be colored, toned and glossed according to your needs. 
The result is hair that looks and feels like your own, only better.

 Our Extension Line
A Little Something For Everyone

Extensions are an investment of both time and money. Therefore, we only offer professional grade, premium quality hair, including our own BHC Essential & Luxury brands, Bombshell Hand-Tied, TopKnot Hybrid wefts, as well as other custom brands available upon request.

 Our BHC Essentials Line is 100% Remy human hair and consists of hair strands with medium/average thickness strands. This works well for majority of hair types - blending seamlessly, creating the volume desired and making it the most versatile and the most afforadable. Our Essentials line is a thin, machine weft allowing for both durability and a natural appearance  

Our BHC Luxury Line is 100% full cuticle-intact human hair, 100% hand-selected from healthy Asian hair. It’s thick restored strands all remain Remy cuticle-intact to retain full moisture, have less breakage, and have a longer lifespan.

 Custom, Precision Installation 
Invisible extensions without the damage 

Our Hand-Crafted Beaded Row extensions do not require the use of glue, tape, or adhesive of any type to install extensions. We use only premium quality micro-beads for installation, each lined with a soft silicone ring inside the bead for protection of your hair and to prevent breakage. Each row is custom fit to your natural hair and head shape to allow for the best possible results.

Easy Maintainance Long-lasting, Reusable Extensions
Getting the most of your investment

 Proper care is important for both your natural hair and your extension hair. Therefore, we recommend our clients come back every 4-8 weeks for maintenance. Each maintenance appointment will consist removing the extension weft, moving up the beads (or replacing when needed), thoroughly brushing, cleansing and conditioning your natural hair and re-installing your treated wefts with new thread. This process ensures that your natural hair will not tangle or knot underneath the extensions and provides the best suitable situation for healthy natural hair and extends the life of your extension hair.  

Endless Options
Color, Length & Fullness

BHC Hand-Crafted Beaded Row Extensions are available in both single and double weft rows. Your BHC Extensionist can assist you in selecting a which type is best for you based on a consultation where we learn a little about your lifestyle and needs. Certain factors are taken into consideration, such as your comfort, your lifestyle and your commitment to extension maintenance when making recommendations on which extension typed is best for you. 

Typically, double weft rows are used adding length alone or adding both length and volume. Double weft rows tend to be more secure and last longer between appointments. Single weft rows are typically used for adding volume, lay closer to the head and are more easily hidden.

Single Weft Row
Starting at $78 per row
An average set of single rows would be 2-3 rows for volume and 3-5 rows for length and volume.

Double Weft Row
Starting at $150 per row
An average set of double rows would be 1-2 rows for volume or length and
2-4 rows for length and volume.

Your initial installation appointment includes your installation, haircut, style and 2 week check-up appointment.Installation cost is based on a per row basis and varies by level of Extensionist

First Row $130-175
Each additional row $75-100
Single or double weft installment.
This service takes 1.5-3 hours, depending on number of rows. 

 Complete Maintenance & Move-Ups
$75-95 per row
This service takes 1-2 hours, depending on number of rows. 

 We recommend coming in for your maintenance and move up appointment every 4-6 weeks to ensure proper care of your extensions and your natural hair.

Each maintenance appointment will consist removing the extension weft, moving up the beads (or replacing when needed), thoroughly brushing, cleansing and conditioning your natural hair and re-installing your treated wefts with new thread.

 Add b3e Ionic Extension Cleanser to Your Move Up $50
Ionic Extension Cleanser is formulated to thoroughly prepare extensions for re-installment. This sulfate-free and oxide free cleansing agent will remove build up and micro-residue that you can't see or feel. Breakthrough bond building technology dramatically improves hair strength and increases the life of the extensions. 

 Tightening on Clean, Dry Hair
$55-75 per row
This service takes 30-90 minutes, depending on number of rows. 

Full or Single row. Arrive with clean, dry hair. Your Extensionist will remove each extension and brush your natural hair. Beads will then be moved up and your extensions will be reattached with new thread.